August 31, 2011

Fall Is Coming

I have been on the hunt for a chunky gold watch forever.  I finally found one, after using photos like this for inspiration...

August 23, 2011

Chunky Jewelry

I am OBSESSING over chunky jewelry with big rhinestones and chains right now!! Actually, I am always obsessing over them but my love seems to be at an all time high right now.  Add some edge to any outfit!  I love using pinterest to find great ideas.  Here are some that I have found so far...

Anne Hathaway Obsession

How fabulous does Anne Hathaway look at the press tour in London for her new movie One Day?  I am loving lace at the moment.
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Some more great images of Anne...
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August 16, 2011

August 12, 2011

W Magazine September Issue

Kristin Stewart is on the cover of W Magazine looking almost unrecognizable - but in a good way.  I love the big hair and dramatic eye.  This is definitely a great look for Kristin and it's nice to see her trying something new.  Will you be reading the September issue of W?

August 7, 2011

Nail Obsession

I have been obsessing over nail polish lately.  I would say that I change my nails probably 2 to 3 times a week, just so I can try out something new.  Lately, I have been trying out a lot of glitter - sometimes totally glittery nails or a layer of solid with a glitter topcoat.  Right now I am wearing Essie in Poppy Art Pink with a layer of Deborah Lippman polish in Today Was A Fairytale.  Here are some other fun ideas!
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August 3, 2011

Marie Claire September 2011

How fabulous does Sarah Jessica Parker look on the September cover of Marie Claire? How fabulous is the cover itself?  Maybe I just love both SJP and MC but I am so psyched about this!  It doesn't hurt that I have been loving pink and red color combos lately, as well.  I have been meaning to do some post about all the new September covers that have just been released.  Do you like SJP's cover look?  More coming soon...

August 2, 2011

August 1, 2011

Already August

It's August first.  The summer has been flying by and I am starting to get a little anxious because it seems to be slipping away quickly.  I will be making a to-do list of all the last summer things I want to do before I am back to the old grind, including making a trip to the beach.  I haven't been at all this summer, which may be one of the more depressing realizations.  Another thing I want to do is host a cocktail party.  I love the idea of keeping it casual and fun by using mason jars filled with colorful lemonade drinks!  My summer in New York City ends mid-August so hopefully when I get home I will have time to plan something and just relax.
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