July 28, 2011

Elizabeth and James Sunglasses

For me, the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen can do no wrong.  Literally, they could walk around in a trash bag (according to some people they have) and I would still love it.  Since summer is still on my mind, I have been obsessing over the Fall 2011 Elizabeth & James sunglasses collection.  They are so chic and I think they offer designs that would be flattering on any face shape.  Most of the designs are offered in various colors such as sleek blacks, tortoise shells, and sheer taupes, making for a great transition into fall wardrobes.
Elizabeth & James "Bowery"

Elizabeth & James "Park"

Zico Coconut Water

I have become hooked on coconut water.  I'm not sure if it is a New York City thing, as I'm probably really late in the game, but whatever it is, I have discovered one of my new favorite drinks in the world.  I have to admit, at my first taste I was not so sure - I think it is an acquired taste.  So far, I have tried the natural (my favorite so far), the pineapple, and the mango and I plan on trying the pomberry and passion fruit soon.  However, the chocolate flavor weirds me out a bit - I'm not sure why because any dessert involving the two flavors is amazing - but hopefully I will muster up the courage.  Usually, I'm wary of random juices that claim they are good for you but Zico seems different.  It's so refreshing, is all natural, doesn't have added sugar, and is really hydrating.  Read more about it here.

July 27, 2011

Shielding the Sun

Even though it's almost August and the summer is technically winding down, I can't help but feel as though it is only getting hotter.  Maybe it's because I'm leaving in the city and it seems as though every day is a huge sweat fest - unflattering but true.  All I have been able to think about lately is big sun hats.  I bought one in Positano, Italy and it has been saving my life out here.  It's large enough to shield my face from the heat but has enough flop to be light and comfortable. J. Crew has a great option, or if you're in the city you can find them for sale on the streets!

Roma Take Me Back

Addiction.  Morning cappuccino.

July 26, 2011

Summer Rain in the City

Jo Malone

In search of a new perfume?  Lately, I've been hooked on any Jo Malone scent I can get my nose near.  My only dilemma is deciding which one is my favorite!  I think that right now there is a tie between the Wild Bluebell Cologne and the Orange Blossom Cologne, but you can't really go wrong with any of them.  Each fragrance is so different and sweet yet remains light and subtle which is perfect because there's nothing worse than an overpowering perfume.  The Grapefruit Cologne and the French Lime Blossom Cologne are spot on as well, with just enough hint of zest to keep you awake.  I'm also craving some Jo Malone candles - which are perfect, coming in both a home size and travel size - to put around my room so I can smell the same scents all day.

Pretty Things

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July 25, 2011

Sam Edelman Obsession

When it comes to new shoes, Sam Edelman is one of the designers that I check out first.  I own several pairs of flats that I absolutely love as they provide both comfort and chicness.  When I saw these Renzo ankle boots from the Fall 2011 collection I was immediately obsessed.  I can picture Rihanna or Lady Gaga totally rocking these on stage!  I already have a similar pair of black suede ankle boots but these add a much more edgy twist. I. Have. To. Have. Them. Now. Black would be more practical and less likely to get dirty but I love the beige as well.  Pair either with a girly dress to add some kick or pair with skinny jeans and a leather jacket to complete your look.  The rhinestones and studs can also be seen on the Lorissa peep toes!

July 19, 2011

Shades of Coral

My internship has changed my feelings for beauty products.  True, I always have loved Sephora - whenever I go in I feel like I am in a candy store.  I always went through weird phases where I would completely forget about all the clothes and shoes I wanted and instead became obsessed with going to Sephora and picking out new make-up.  However, I feel as though I have learned to truly appreciate good beauty products.  Although I never have worn much lipstick, I find myself having a new love for different lip products.  Right now I am dying over basically any coral lip-shade that I can get my hands on.  Coral and peachy colors are perfect because they make for great both day and night shades looking natural and summery yet adding just enough gloss.  Here are some of my favorites!

1. Benefit Full-Finish Lipstick in Slow Zone, $18.
2. NARS Lipstick in Love Devotion, $24.
3. NARS Lipstick in Barbarella, $24.
4. Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint in Joy, $24.
5. Smashbox Photofinish Lipstick in Splendid, $22.
6. Lorac Cream Lipstick in Babydoll, $19.
7. Tarte Rise and Shine Lip Stain and Gloss in Nectar, $21.

First Post

I have been trying to start a successful blog for a while now and each time has failed.  I have made it my goal to have this one work.  Two months ago I got back from a four-month period in Rome - literally best time of my live ever.  Now I am in New York City for the summer interning at Marie Claire.  I am hoping that this blog will become a place where I can share my interests and what inspires me.  Since being in New York, I feel as though I have been imagining myself as some kind of Carrie Bradshaw and failing miserably. Literally I have no money (well, not really) and there are so many beautiful things!  I have decided to change my ways and go after quality instead of quantity, however, so hopefully that will change some things.  To start off, I have put together a montage of photos from my time in Rome/Europe in general as a way to reminisce on a time when my life was seemingly stress free!