July 19, 2011

First Post

I have been trying to start a successful blog for a while now and each time has failed.  I have made it my goal to have this one work.  Two months ago I got back from a four-month period in Rome - literally best time of my live ever.  Now I am in New York City for the summer interning at Marie Claire.  I am hoping that this blog will become a place where I can share my interests and what inspires me.  Since being in New York, I feel as though I have been imagining myself as some kind of Carrie Bradshaw and failing miserably. Literally I have no money (well, not really) and there are so many beautiful things!  I have decided to change my ways and go after quality instead of quantity, however, so hopefully that will change some things.  To start off, I have put together a montage of photos from my time in Rome/Europe in general as a way to reminisce on a time when my life was seemingly stress free!

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